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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Inspiration comes from everywhere! I am often overwhelmed at all the choices out there, but I am pretty sure I fit into the eclectic category. I love a little bit of everything! Gimme some bright red, retro, Danish modern, traditional, beachy, transitional, contemporary, rustic…I could go on and on. Yep, I def have décor A.D.D.

There are some places I would love to buy from, but will likely never (unless I get a downright lucky Craigslist find) own; however, they are great inspirers.

Ballard Designs is just heavenly. I could gaze at their catalogs and website for days, but that would certainly not be very productive…so, we have Ethan Allan, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn (I do have a few pieces from them…garage sale finds! YES!), Crate & Barrel, Country Curtains, Pier 1 and more! I also draw ideas from magazines. A few of my favs are Country Living, Better Homes & Gardens and…my mind has failed me, but you get the idea. I also love to spend time gazing at ideas on the internet and who could forget HGTV! Boo-coos of inspiration when I have time to sit and watch.

My A.D.D. sometimes causes me MAY-GER problems. When it kicks in one of two things happen, I either over buy because I can’t make up my mind or I put it all back. Luckily for me and my hubs, I usually choose the latter. The only setback is I’ve spent hours trying to decide and then walk out with nada. Nothing. Zero. Zip. So, I am working on that aspect of my life. Intentional shopping is so much better.

Most of my purchases come from places like Ebay, Target, Craigslist, Target, yard sales, Target, thrift stores, Target and antique malls. Did I mention Target? Also, every time I go to visit my parents, I seem to acquire a load of stuff. Someday I figure my hubs is going to run screaming from the house never to be seen again. He is very tolerable of my stuff, to which I am very thankful. I try to move through it quickly…keep, donate, trash, give-a-way.

I also “lurve” (borrowed word from the Thrifty Décor Chick) re-purposing items. I intend to dive head first into more re-purposing in the near future.

I love silver.
I love stars and crosses and birds, oh my!
I love green…
…and red, mustard, brown, turquoise…black…so I digress.
I love to have fun.
I love to hang with friends.
I love my family the most-est-est.
Jesus has my heart.
I love the mountains.
I love to travel.

I like photography.

I dream of skydiving one day.

Confessions of a self-proclaimed décor lover:
Paint colors scare me.
Bed coverings overwhelm me.
Window treatments confuse me.
Wood-working intrigues me, but I am below a novice.
And my A.D.D. often leaves projects half done…
but, I am NOT AFRAID…
I shall overcome!!!!

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