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Saturday, October 27, 2012

And so, I'm back..

No worries! I got lost in life, work, life, work, life, work...but I'm back! My husband asked me when the last time I blogged was and I said, "Well, it's been awhile. Too long. Okay, it's been over a year. I stopped because I started working. But I've been thinking about it, I miss it. It was such a great outlet for me before. I need to make it habit." He just smiled when I finished my ramble. So, here I am. I haven't stopped dreaming. My head is full of ideas. And I want to share. Share. Share. Share.
So, I'll start with my finds today while browsing a new thrift store in town. They had lots of furniture at great prices. Def gonna have to go back. But, that being said, I must remember I do not own a furniture store, I do not. I only have 2600 sf to fill and it's already fairly full. Here's my commentary on the sofas from my Facebook post: Saw these beauties at the thrift store today. The top one was so comfortable and in really great shape. Love the subtle curve. Colors are a little odd, but durable, flame stitch fabric. The bottom one was a velvet stripe, which I love, but would've needed a full overhaul.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creative Coasters

Since I have just started a new job in a larger town in a different state and a different time zone, I have been out of sorts. But I am finally getting straightened out and recovering better. The first few days I was SO TIRED, but now I feel like moving forward and getting back into the swing of things, so to speak.

This is a project I completed a little while ago, but wanted to share. My mom got me these cool glass coasters with a place for a picture. As soon as I saw them my mind started cranking out ideas, so I decided to use some awesome scrapbooking cardstock I got for a deal at Ross. I chose four different patterns and "wha-la" we have cool and creative coasters. Who would've thunk it?

Friday, August 5, 2011


It all began with the shell. The empty home. The empty walls. The place where we brought all our items from a single wide 16x80 to this MASSIVE 2500sf+ space. Our belongings looked lost and alone.

We got a deal on this place. It's a little shy of 1/2 an acre with a back deck going almost the entire length of the home. We had looked at so many homes that when I found this one online, my first thought was, "What is wrong with it?" It does have a few crazy things going on, but nothing that can't be repaired over time. The answer to my question was that it was in the middle of a divorce settlement. The price was the lowest I've seen for this area, for this size space, on our own property already fenced in and in a NICE area. We looked at a lot of nice places, houses and mobile homes, in areas we did not want to be in. Next to TRASH and junk and killer dogs. This place is one of three in a cul-de-sac and our neighbors are awesome. We have been very blessed.

Here are a few examples of the spaces I will be working on. Please disregard the poor picture quality. There was a lot of light and white walls.