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Saturday, October 27, 2012

And so, I'm back..

No worries! I got lost in life, work, life, work, life, work...but I'm back! My husband asked me when the last time I blogged was and I said, "Well, it's been awhile. Too long. Okay, it's been over a year. I stopped because I started working. But I've been thinking about it, I miss it. It was such a great outlet for me before. I need to make it habit." He just smiled when I finished my ramble. So, here I am. I haven't stopped dreaming. My head is full of ideas. And I want to share. Share. Share. Share.
So, I'll start with my finds today while browsing a new thrift store in town. They had lots of furniture at great prices. Def gonna have to go back. But, that being said, I must remember I do not own a furniture store, I do not. I only have 2600 sf to fill and it's already fairly full. Here's my commentary on the sofas from my Facebook post: Saw these beauties at the thrift store today. The top one was so comfortable and in really great shape. Love the subtle curve. Colors are a little odd, but durable, flame stitch fabric. The bottom one was a velvet stripe, which I love, but would've needed a full overhaul.

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